Personal experience and some features of the Apple Watch.

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Watching the launch of the new Apple watch series 5, back in 2019, I wondered if this watch could really detect AFIB? The short answer is YES. The long answer will include which Apple series watch can do this. How accurate. What about the ECG?. Palpitations and other irregular heartbeats? Can it take your blood pressure?

I have some personal experience to share.


According to a study done by the Stanford University School of Medicine, the watches that they used were the Apple watch series 1,2, and 3. The most recent…

These people are pure INSPIRATION!

What if you had no arms or legs?

If your mother was so shocked at your birth that she could not hold you. Would you say there were some obstacles to overcome?

Nick Vujici was born without arms or legs. He has a “chicken drumstick” toe as he calls it. It is toes on one side of his torso. Nothing else. When you see him for the first time it’s a shock. No arms or legs.

“You can’t even stand without risking to fall.”
Nick Vujicic, Life Without Limits

To say he faced extreme obstacles in life is an understatement. Think “holding…

What is worth your time and what is not.

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It’s too obvious you say. We all know it. But do we really understand it? Spending your time on something is spending your life on it. You only have one here on earth.

The more you do something the more you become it. The first time you start running, you are not called a runner. If you run every second day and keep it up for a few months, people will call you a runner. Later you will receive other tags like “fit”, “in shape”, “healthy”, “full of life” and so…

About 5years ago I started writing with a bang, mostly about my heart issues and mental health. Your article has given me some pointers and encouragement. Thanks!

Fear, anxiety, and panic attacks are real.

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I love my cardiologist. He keeps my heart in rhythm. He is the fixer. His knowledge of my heart and heart rhythm keeps me going. He has insight into what type of medicine will keep me in rhythm.

He has the tools of the trade.

The echocardiogram is also known as ultrasound and it scans the heart and also creates an image of the heart. It looks at heart chambers, movement of the heart, and also the heart valves.

He uses his electrocardiogram to record the electrical signals inside my heart. The stethoscope is used to listen to my heart…

I was only meant to go for a consultation but things turned and a heart ablation was on the cards.

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My heart went out of rhythm 5 times this year. The first one was on 6 January 2020.

I don’t smoke, not overweight, do not misuse alcohol, and don’t have high blood pressure.

But I was born with Tetralogy of Fallot(TOF). And I have had a long heart journey.

I’ve had 4 cardioversions this year.

All of them were for atrial fibrillation (AFIB)and I felt blessed that my heart cardioverted after the joules were administered.

Some of my cardiologist’s comments.

Diet tips to prevent afib may only be one of the guns you use to shoot down the AFIB monster, but use it!

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The best chance you have to beat the afib dragon is……

Know as much as you can about it and then act on it.

We understand that our body is a system and everything is connected, maybe more than we think, THEREFORE!

Can you afford to ignore diet tips to prevent afib?
This post will concentrate on diet tips to prevent afib, with the understanding that your doctor, cardiologist, healthcare worker, and healthy lifestyle must always be the center of your management of atrial fibrillation and most of all. …

This was not my first AFIB episode or cardioversion.

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I feel it!

Many people have asked me how I know if my heart is out of rhythm. In my case, I feel it. In many of my previous episodes, I even know the precise moment it goes out.

In nearly all the cases I hope and pray that it’s Ectopic beats(I have written about them previously) but this year I’ve had 4 AFIB “attacks”. I call them attacks others call it an episode. Well, they attack me. My life changes immediately after I feel that beat go out.

I start thinking about my…

The “benign” condition that causes so much anxiety.

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I have had a few ectopic heartbeats in my time and it can be very scary!

It’s the beat then the pause and then the HARD beat. Some of you know exactly what I mean. That forceful beat brings a lot of relief after that PAUSE!!

Here’s the deal.

You will agree with me that any “EXTRA” heartbeat that you can physically feel in your body or neck can upset you.

Here is some of the stuff that I have learned about this -“extra”- ectopic heartbeat thing.


Ectopic means “wrong place” as…

Here are a few pointers to get your life back.

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My trauma was AFIB AND TOF, but all of us face this monster Corona aka Covid-19.

Can it be a BLESSING?

You would agree with me that feeling your heart going crazy in your chest, fast/slow then a “stop” and sometimes hard beats scares the life out of you! You start to think about……. the big D? Death yes. Same with this corona, with every news update it feels like it’s getting closer.

Many of us are experiencing trauma. Trauma is “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience”

But the flip side is life! If it does not kill you it makes you stronger(hopefully). Afib, TOF, and Corona can be a blessing.

Janco Vorster-My Afib Heart Blogger, Tetralogy of Fallot(TOF), AFIB(Atrial fibrillation) and panic! survivor. Mountain Biker.Married and father of 2.South African.

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